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more at http://www.c-m-x.com When Talking about Finance companies, I’m talking about companies like: banks, credit card companies and investment houses. 3. Now let’s understand what defines these companies: a. They are highly regulated organizations b. Regulation dictates how fast a bank should reply to feedback about a mortgage, but also requests information about complaints like: how many customers complained and what did the customer complain about among other information. c. Financial companies can be audited and fined when not meeting strict protocol. d. Banks have many branches. These branches are scattered all over the country. Every branch has multiple functions as well as regional offices. 4. Now let’s talk about the customers: a. Customers can range in age from 16 to over 90. b. Different customers use different channels. (email, vs chat, vs phone) c. Different customers have different expectations. 5. To summarize: usually a bank or any other financial organization is hierarchy based, regulated, serves customers ranging in all ages which use various apps and channels and data security is a must. 6. Moving on to our solution overview: • First, we allow customers to contact the organization through all communication types: that means traditional communication methods like: email, website, texting, or calling, but also through all social media apps or mobile applications like: Facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapchat and others. • Then depending of the feedback type, our workflow engine will create the necessary procedures and processes in order to resolve the feedback. Our workflow will find the right people within the organization, assign an SLA and will send proper correspondences both to the customer and people within the organization. • Now let’s talk about our customer experience portal. The portal is a personalized customer experience portal, meaning depending on your role within the organization you will have your own personalized content. If you are working at the bank and in charge of the state on NY, you will see only NY content, you will not see California. If you are a branch manager in Brooklyn you will see feedback related to your branch. If you are a CSR you will see your to-do list and other useful information. It essentially gives every user the information he or she needs in order make business decisions. • KPI Keeper – this is how CEMax took reporting and analytics a step further….. working with banks and other financial organizations. We know that executives and employees are extremely busy and can is limited. These employees can be branch managers, regional directors, C-level executives, all of which are extremely busy in their day to day activities. They barely have enough time to view reports, not to mention analyze them and make business decisions. This is why we developed KPI Keeper©. KPI keeper learns what key performance indicators are currently most important to management and then the KPI keeper tracks the performance of each organizational unit within the company. If the KPI keeper finds, for an example, that a bank’s branch or any other department is not meeting the company’s KPI guidelines, a detailed report will be sent to the specific branch manager outlining and detailing what kind of improvement is required. • A key point is that we know the finance industry. We know finance regulation, data security and we have best practices related to finance that will help you leverage years of project experience in the finance vertical. • The most important thing to remember is that CEMax is a platform. We provide a customer experience platform that will give you a competitive edge, enable you to be more customer-centric, make educated decisions and learn how to improve your products and services. 7. Our solution doesn’t end here. We provide a holistic CEM approach with additional modules like surveys, knowledge management and social media monitoring, all providing you a competitive edge in Customer Experience Management.

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