Copy Posse Launch Files Review – The Only Copywriting Program

Making a career change is hard. I was torn between two options: either keep my current job or find something new that I can fully engage with. I was searching every day, talking with friends and professors from college about my inner struggle. Until I found Alex and copywriting on Youtube. Instantly I could feel the positive energy from Alex and the way she explains copywriting really caught me psychologically and emotionally. After watching many of her videos, I got more curious about this magical Copywriting thing, then I joined the Launch Files program and started my copywriting journey. I was tickled, anxious, and excited about this new adventure. It was like seeing the light at the end of a tunnel. It happened really fast. After about two and a half months training, and finishing revising my campaign emails one day, I took a long walk and told myself: “this is your second chance to learn a life-changing skill, study and practice together with the master.” A big discovery I had in the past several months is about mindset shift. I was living like many others, having the “employee mindset”: get a degree, work for an organization and have the job security. But as I got increasingly disenchanted with work reality and going through the Copy Posse Launch Files program, I came up with a solution: keep my current job for now while learning the copywriting craft and it may possibly open a new door for me! All this is because of Alex and what she offers: a one of a kind copywriting program. The Launch Files program covers the foundations of copywriting, such as writing sales pages, landing pages, campaign emails, basically everything a new copywriter needs to learn and master. Alex would also give her guidance on how to be a professional copywriter, rock solid advice to someone new to this field. She really knows about copywriting, and she cares about her students. And that’s why the Copy Posse is unique. Now, I know that copywriting is a highly valuable and marketable skill. With Alex’s teaching and mentorship, I already have everything needed to go far on my copywriting journey! I’m grateful for Alex and her team, not only for helping me to acquire a new skill, more importantly, I know that having this skill will set me free one day! Thank you!! Yuxuan Liu

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