Corporate Franchise Marketing

Corporate franchise marketing departments face unique challenges in working towards the goals of both increasing local product and service revenue and well as generating unit sales. Deploying SproutLoud’s marketing platform can help accomplish both objectives, capitalizing on national branding and marketing in local franchisee programs to increase sales and revenue and improving franchise sales value. In addition, franchise-wide reporting provides comprehensive insight into all local marketing activity. Improving Marketing Results One of the most important drivers of franchise success is replication; the ability to reproduce products and service experience consistently across units. SproutLoud’s Marketing Resource Management accomplishes the same goal for franchise marketing, generating consistency and value by: Unifying Brand Messaging SproutLoud’s marketing platform provides franchise companies the ability to enforce brand standards and creative in local messaging while providing support backed by the resources of the corporate marketing department. Lowering Production Costs Using templatized marketing materials, whether for high volume campaigns or individual franchisee orders, also lowers the overall cost of production and execution, generating savings which franchisors can reinvest in additional marketing or pass along to franchisees. Optimizing Corporate Resources Automating many of the time consuming, manual tasks associated with franchise networks standardizes the management process. As a result, corporate marketers can be more productive, spending more time focused on generating revenue and less on administration. Improve Franchise Value Proposition SproutLoud ‘s application gives franchises more than a powerful marketing management tool. Integrating a marketing system into the franchise package creates an attractive sales differentiation point for prospects and increases a franchisor’s value proposition by: Offering Superior Franchise Support Franchisees may not start their business with any previous marketing experience. SproutLoud’s benefits go beyond basic training and enable corporate marketing to channel their knowledge and expertise directly to local markets, helping franchisees generate new customers and keep past customers coming back. Empowering Franchisees Franchisees are built-in brand evangelists who believe in the products and services they sell. Giving them flexibility in how to market locally creates engaged franchisees that lso feel empowered, making them much more likely to actively comply and participate in marketing programs. Distributed Marketing, Co-Op Marketing, Marketing Resource Management, Marketing Asset Management, Channel Marketing, Co-Op Advertising Platform, Brand Management System, Local Marketing Automation, Local Store Marketing, Corporate Franchise Marketing, Co-Op Funds Management, Ad Builder Software, Decentralized Marketing Organizations, Brand Compliance

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