Games IV

video by Giulio Latini e Silvia Di Domenico music: Games for contrabass and electronics by Fabio Cifariello Ciardi production, Edison Studio Eyes ought to force their nature to stop frantic movements […] raving but still lucid games [… ] torn forms, obsessively repeated […] an unremitting recall to a fleeting reality […] (Marina Antonucci) Games may be far from pleasure and close to interactions, confrontations, conflicts. That’s why Games IV music is based on contacts, fugues, conquests and defeats of sonic organisms that dwell different virtual spaces. It’s a metaphorical and surrealistic ‘audio game’ driven by the contrabass. Games IV was finalist at VideoEvento d’Arte Competition 2000 (Torino, Italy) Sounds might be linked with the net of our autobiographical and shared memories in different ways. Many of “Games” sounds and events apply for shared long-term memory traces: rock timbres, rock and reggae rhythms and “licks”, concrete sounds that are commonly considered as a part of a recognizable sonic knowledge. Looking at sound events in terms of mental images might be useful to grasp a part of the listener knowledge that might stand out clearly during the listening process, even without being directly related with musical parameters (e.g. a knowledge related with abstract concepts or with emotions). In “Games” I used sounds to explore the abstract concept of game. Within the infinite correlates of this concept I decided to stress the links between the idea of “games” and concepts as “interaction”, “confrontation”, “conflict”. “Games” is based on “contacts”, “fugues”, “conquests” and “defeats” among sonic organisms that dwell different virtual spaces. Listener is intended as the main player of a metaphorical and surrealistic “audio game”. Part of “Games” spatialization was realized on the workstation MARS-IRIS controlled with the software written by Davide Rocchesso, Luca Mozzoni e Oscar Ballan of Centro di Sonologia Computazionale (University of Padua). The definitive elaboration of the piece has been realized at Edison Studio (Roma) in 1998. (Fabio Cifariello Ciardi) Games has been awared at Bourges IMEB competition 1998 and Berlin ICMC Selection 2000. More info at

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