Grand things are happening in my professional life. The operational side of the biz is beginning to sort itself, with a gratifying flow of interesting publishing work, which in some cases has the very real potential to become world-shattering. And sometimes when people survey you, as happened today, via the good offices of the UK government’s DIT and their phone representative, a very nice man from Cork, you realise how far you have travelled in just three months. So, as much information and utility for the interviewee as the interviewer. But mostly what I think is happening is that people are learning I am sincerely interested in making money, and always have been: the only issue has been how very much I really don’t care to believe in bad money. Just as, equally, I don’t believe in bad politics or bad science or bad medicine or bad education or bad policing or bad state security. And examples of all the aforementioned do abound. And I don’t, oh *really* don’t, want anything – never have – to do with any of them. And therein the rub: the “never have”. But now things are changing: we have the opportunity to use good money to good end, and it is here where mutual interest enters all our frames. I don’t specifically define good money in relation to its past, though this can be important, but rather in terms of its intended future. Bad money sits in pockets, fire-retardant pockets into which holes can never be burnt. Good money circulates creatively, you see. Bad money, meanwhile, is zemiologically aggressive. Good money is zemiology’s very antithesis. *That* is what we should never forget, when we talk and expound and chant on about money. And that is what no one ever realised about me. This, then, is where we are today. And into the next year we leap!

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