How to Dive Into Fiction Writing with Fern Ronay

Fern Ronay is a dear friend of a number of years and in this episode, I get to sit down with her and interview her about her book writing journey. We discuss her original career path of being a lawyer and how that shaped her. She talks about her creative desire and the practical ways she went about scratching that itch. Through her journey, we uncover the process of what it takes to become a published author, but really, the core of the lessons apply to any creative who dreams of putting out a work of art into the world. It’s a wide ranging and deep conversation which I thoroughly enjoy and I’m sure you will too. Please be sure to comment with any thoughts or questions, and pick up a copy of Fern’s books via Thanks for tuning in. WEB LINK: SELECTED LINKS FROM EPISODE: Better in the Morning Book: Better Believe It Book: Master Mental Fortitude Course Book: PLATFORMS TO ACCESS SHOW: Apple Podcast: Playlist: SoundCloud: Facebook: Google Podcast: Spotify: Stitcher: Anchor: FOLLOW THE PODCAST TEAM: Phil’s Instagram: Juliet’s Instagram: SUPPORT THE SHOW: Patreon: Merchandise:—360-creative-coach/ Adorama Affiliate Link: ABOUT THE SERIES: With over 15 years of experience WORKING in the entertainment industry at the top level, learning from the best of the best, I (Phil Svitek) am now on a journey of paying it forward. I believe that ideas are meant to be shared, not hoarded and furthermore, if you are successful then you owe the next generation a roadmap. As someone who has been there across various roles such as producer, director, editor, writer, podcaster and even high level executive, I know the struggles and what it takes to tackle and overcome the challenges that artists face on the road to accomplishment. As you already may know too well, an artist’s life can be extremely volatile, with many high’s and low’s – it takes more than just industry skills and knowledge to make it. To be successful, you need to have the right mental fortitude to reach your dreams. I believe in a 360 approach – combining technical theory with practice, along with personal development skills that are directly related to what it takes to be successful as a digital artist. Each week, I draw from these experiences, learnings and exploration to offer you insights, concepts and findings with specific takeaways to benefit you. I’ll recommend books, podcasts, movies, etc to help further illustrate the ideas highlighted within each episode. For more free resources, visit

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