Managing Money What’s the best way to keep on top of your money and manage your finances? The Money Advice Service is set up by government and offers free and impartial advice, tips and budget planners for all life’s money matters. We’re here to help you make better financial decisions. TRANSCRIPT: Ashley: How do you manage money? Do you spend? Do you save? Do you feel bad when you spend instead of saving? Jodie: I mean I save my money for something that I really want and then I feel really good about myself. Jamila: Money comes and it goes a lot so I need to be careful of my needs and wants and stuff like. I need to stop and be like, “Do I really need this?” Vusa: It’s a bit like impulses where you think, “I have to get that”. I’ve often looked back and thought, “Could I have spent that money on something else?” Michelle: It’s so annoying when you know you have to put the money away and it’s so hard not to touch that money. But even though you’re missing out on something it’s better in the long run. Alex. D: You’ve got to have a balance basically between your student life and your social life. You just have to tell your friends where you’re at and if they don’t appreciate it then are they really your friends? Shannon: I feel a lot better when I spend money and I still have money to spend on other things instead of spending it all in one go. Alex: I pay out my term’s rent with the rest of my budget, it helps me focus on the importance of stewarding your money correctly and being responsible with it. Robyn: Pay for your necessities first. If you do have money left over then if it’s yours to spend, spend it. Emma: What are your top tips for saving? Catherine: If you need it then buy it, but if you don’t then just keep your hands out of your purse. Gareth: Try and go home for lunch instead of eating out from a shop, try and save money. Shannon: Wait until something goes on sale and it’s cheaper and then go and buy it then. Alex. D: I go to markets and I make quality meals that will last the week so I can just cook what I need. Vusa: It’s no use spending £10 and just buying four pizzas, that’s not going to benefit you at all. Tiernan: I always end up buying a pizza anyway. Jamila: Don’t be pressured by your peers just because they have this latest phone and stuff like that and you don’t have it Alex: Spend as much money as you can in cash form rather than card form, that keeps you aware of your financial actions. Robyn: If you do have money left over to save then definitely start saving now.

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