Money, Money, Money (Money Affirmation Song)

I was sitting in my car as it was the only private space I could find in lockdown where my beloved 6 year old couldn’t interrupt me. I was seeking the space to play with ideas I had received from the Life Purpose Readings I’d had with both Maria L Portas and Aliesha Bannister. They both were telling me that creating ‘soul songs’ was the direction I was headed. OK. Really? What does that even mean? Anyway, I decided to be open minded to it. I thought I’d play around with chanting. Maybe I was going to get into sound healing or something. Maybe that would be my thing. So I thought I’d explore sound healing, chanting and the like. I sat in the car and listened to some Katie Underwood Then I decided to see if there was such a thing as a money chant I could do. I didn’t find anything I liked, so I pulled out the screenshot of money affirmations that a coach had shared and started reciting those. This was quickly interrupted by an idea for a song dropping in. I remember a moment of thinking, ‘Do I stick with doing these affirmations or do I write this song?’ Of course, I decided to write the song. Duh. And this is it. Then I shared a demo of the song into Carlie Maree’s MAD Mastermind with Carlie Maree group Carlie Maree cried and said, ‘I want you to follow me around and make songs from what I say’. Then Carlie said, ‘This is an offering. You write songs for Soul Leaders’. And I said, ‘Hell yes! I would LOVE that’. And she became my first client. This new step follows on so well from the music I make for children. I’m still all about making songs to remind people how much they matter. How important they are. How powerful and precious they are.

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