Organic Technology

As a part of the new generation, my lifetime has seen a true advancement in technology and the wonders it can create. However, with this new wave of technology overtaking everyone’s interest I have seen that young adults and children especially spend less time with nature. This decreased interaction with the natural world saddens me because as a child I had gained many fond memories involving nature and the numerous activities we would partake in. Yet, I am a realist. I know that once new knowledge is discovered it is unlikely to regress. That is why for this final assignment in my time arts class I have chosen to portray nature in a technological way. In a sense this project is a combination of two major aspects of my life: the past and the present. The elements of nature in this project represent the past, while the actual program and savvy technology represent the present. My goal by combining the past and present into my project are to represent how we, humankind must combine the aspects of the past with aspects of the present in order to gain a better future that is a product of both. Without the advancement in technology the world would not be the same in any view. Without technology people would still suffer from minute health issues, education would be non-existent, and our resources would be diminished. However, the world could not survive without nature, we need oxygen from the trees to breathe, rain from the sky to grow crops, and rays from the sun to maintain nutrients. The combination of organic nature with advancing technology may seem an unlikely one. But after taking a closer look at the two it will become clear that one could not live without the other. We as humans must take action and encourage people of new generations to notice the importance of nature and technology so that they may both be present in everyone’s future. ~Asia Richter

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