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Many business owners today have questions regarding social media and it’s impact on their business and customers. Social media management, put simply, is the measure of the information that you post and share on your social media accounts. Whether you post information occasionally, weekly, or even daily, all of the information that you post is seen by those who follow you on your social media accounts. Keeping your followers up to date with your business is always a great idea. This exercise can be a balancing act. Too much information or an aggressive posting schedule can push some followers away from your pages. Not enough relevant information being posted can result in missed business opportunities. Every business is different, and each requires a specific strategy as well as fresh content to be successful with social media. Our new Meerkat Social Media management tools, along with support for social media channels that do not currently allow for automated posting, strike the perfect balance for your business. Meerkat Social allows you to create ONE core post, and then schedule it to post to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Showcase accounts simultaneously. We round out the service by making sure that your post is added to your Google My Business, Pinterest and Instagram accounts. This will make your social media management much easier and very affordable. Many businesses pay hundreds of dollars per month just for social media posting service. Meerkat Social also provides a “social snapshot” so that you can monitor ALL of your followers across your social media accounts, including YouTube. You can also consolidate your messaging across Facebook and Twitter with our unique SMART MESSAGES feature. And our content resource allows you to access thousands of articles in all business categories for quick posting of interesting information. We also provide detailed reporting and analysis so that you can see everything that’s happening with your social media engagement across the board. If social media management has been a significant expense for your business, or if you would like to expand your social media presence then we have the affordable service, and tools, to make that happen. Contact us for more information about Meerkat Social and our upcoming updates to the platform.

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