SlideFab 2. Writing an Excel formula as Loop Condition when

Go ahead and try it yourself: Free trial available at This video explains how a loop condition can be used to leave out loop candidates based on a calculated condition. In this example the modulo operator is used as condition to only create every second slide. SlideFab 2 is a software to automatically produce PowerPoint slides from any Excel model. The idea is to empower Excel users. Typically coding skills in VBA (Visual Basic) are required to create PowerPoint presentations automatically. This is not the case with SlideFab 2. With decent Excel skills everybody can create hundreds of presentations or slides automatically. Thus, no one-off coding stunts with code from the internet are required anymore. Also copy & paste from Excel to PowerPoint is not required anymore. Instead SlideFab 2 offers a simple and reproducible way to set up the link between Excel and PowerPoint for the automation. The approach is simple: Select a shape on a in PowerPoint slide. Select a cell or range in Excel. Connect both using the SlideFab 2 button to mark the Excel cell or range as source for the PowerPoint shape. Then choose from one of several exporting options, e.g. whether just text shall be written or whether the range shall be taken as screenshot and been inserted. The automation can create slides automatically when the user defines the iteration loop in Excel. This is easy too: Define the list of items to being iterated (candidate range). Define a cell (master cell) which holds the value of the current loop. During automation SlideFab 2 will take each value of the candidate range and write it into the master cell. If the rest of the Excel model reference the master cell through formulas, the calculations will be updated. Such that SlideFab 2 will have the right values in every loop of the automation to create one or even more PowerPoint slides automatically. Apart from this simple logic there are many other features included in SlideFab 2. It can decompose the output presentation into multiple files. It can sort the created slides based on an Excel calculation. It can rule out shapes or slides based on Excel calculated conditions. And even more. The best thing is: SlideFab 2 lite is available for free bringing all functionality and enough freedom to automate smaller tasks at no cost.

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